About AFBA

Vision & Mission

AFBA’s vision is to help grow a profitable and sustainable food and beverage industry by being a trusted partner and intermediary between business and the public sector in ASEAN.

We are dedicated to supporting harmonisation and mutual recognition efforts of regulations, policies and standards that impact the food and beverage industry across ASEAN. We coordinate industry efforts to deliver effective input and practical guidance to ASEAN, designed to unlock the huge growth potential for intra-and extra-regional trade in food and beverage products.

What we do

We believe there is an opportunity for the food and beverage sectors to support the goals of ASEAN that encourage collaboration with a goal to effectively support sustainable economic growth and trade.

  • We focus on effective and meaningful stakeholder engagement to further understand and contribute to the priorities of ASEAN’s processed food and beverage sectors.
  • We provide technical support to the ASEAN Prepared Foodstuff Product Working Group.
  • We ensure clear lines of communication between the food and beverage industry and the various other ASEAN Committees and the ASEAN Secretariat.

How we do it

AFBA brings together the collective knowledge and expertise of key food and beverage industry leaders in the region.

  • We harness the collective knowledge of the food and beverage industry in ASEAN.
  • We provide input and feedback on ASEAN policies and regulations.
  • We cascade regulatory, technical and market information to all relevant stakeholders.
  • We disseminate scientific studies and publications of common interest.
  • We organise workshops, seminars and conferences to promote dialogue on critical issues.

Our Members